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About me

After completing a GNVQ in Art & Design I chose to forego formal education for financial reasons, in favour of working variously as a kitchen porter and an assistant mould maker. I continued to take life drawing evening classes however, and have always created comic strips and cartoons. 

I produced my first small-press comics zine as a student in 1996 and sold it on the streets of south-west London.

Since 2003 my comic strips and cartoons have appeared in a variety of alternative comix anthologies, mostly based in Glasgow, Scotland, such as Freak, Idiot, Northern Lightz, Wasted and The End Is Nigh but have also been featured in some more mainstream magazines like JUNO.

A series of disappointments led to my abandoning comics for a time in favour of working part-time as a bookseller and throwing myself into peace activism. I continued to work on private commissions during this time, with a particular fondness for pen & ink portraiture.

During this time my interest in painting continued to evolve, although in contrast to my dad (an oil painter who studied at the Glasgow School of Art) I favour the "quick" mediums of acrylics and watercolours.

Below you will find a link to my current online shop where you can own a piece of my work for yourself in whatever form you prefer.

For more regular updates about new work, like and follow me on any of the social media links below. Anyone wanting to talk about commissions can contact me via any of these.

You can also now follow me on Telegram: 

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